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Issue 5.1 is going to print!
Hello FRIENDS of Gigantic Sequins! Thank you so much for your generous donations. We will be sending 5.1 to print now, and we will have your rewards--including a copy of this great issue-- mailed out to you in early January, when it is hot off of the press, if you chose rewards. You can ALWAYS email us with questions about GS or your part as a patron of it at [email protected] We can't express how much your support helps us to do what we love to do-- put out this journal. We hope you're having a great holiday season, that your 2013 has been filled with joy, and that you ring in a wonderful 2014. We're getting all mushy, we know, we know. We are including a copy of the "official" GS 5.1 cover with this message so that you can see some of the greatness that those who know our journal have come to expect. Thanks so much, again, for your part. SINCERELY, the Gigantic Sequins Editors
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