Javier Baez T-shirt Jersey Giveaway
We will be conducting a drawing to give away this Javier Baez Iowa Cubs t-shirt jersey. You are Cubs fans, you don't need me to tell you who Javier Baez is. We will try to do giveaways periodically to those of you that support us through Patreon. Wear the t-shirt now to show other Cubs fans you know what's going on in the organization (obviously...you listen to Ivy Envy). Or put it in a drawer and pull it out after Baez is established in the big leagues and impress people with your vintage I-Cubs Baez t-shirt. By the way, all of your Patreon perk packages are put together and they will be at the post office tomorrow morning. Thanks for supporting Ivy Envy and GO CUBS! Corey
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