JazzrockTV #56 Phishbacher – New York Electric Trio
http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-56-phishbacher-new-york-electric-trio Phishbacher – New York Electric Trio is a project of the New York based keyboard player and producer Walter Fischbacher. With his trio members Ulf Stricker (drums) and Goran Vujic (bass) he did a CD release tour of his latest album “Phishbacher – Journey to Turtleland”. The trio visited us in our Studio in Cologne for an interview and in cooperation with Live Proberaum we captured the live Show at Live Proberaum. Phishbacher – New York Electric Trio: Walter Fischbacher (keyboards) Ulf Stricker (drums) Goran Vujic (bass) Walter Fischbacher Phishbacher.com Ulf Stricker UlfStricker.com Goran Vujic GoranVujic.com http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-56-phishbacher-new-york-electric-trio
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