JazzrockTV #71 Sandro Albert Quartett (Part 1)
http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-1 We had the amazing guitarist SANDRO ALBERT and his great band in our studio. See Sandro along with Tom Brechtlein (drums), James Weidman (piano) and Michael O’Brien (bass) for a cool interview and nice show cuts from a live show in Cologne. See Part 2 of the episode here: jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-2 Check out the website: sandroalbert.com Sandro Albert, Guitar sandroalbert.com James Weidman, Piano jamesweidman.com Michael O’Brien, Bass michaelobrienbasscom.com Tom Brechtlein, Drums www. tombrechtlein.com http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-1
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