JazzrockTV #71 Sandro Albert Quartett (Part 2)
http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-2 This is Part 2 of the interview with Sandro Albert and his great band in our studio. With Tom Brechtlein on drums, James Weidman on piano and Michael O’Brien on bass the band performed an amazing live show in Cologne. See Part 1 of the episode here: jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-1 Check out the website: sandroalbert.com Sandro Albert, Guitar sandroalbert.com James Weidman, Piano jamesweidman.com Michael O’Brien, Bass michaelobrienbasscom.com Tom Brechtlein, Drums www. tombrechtlein.com http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-71-sandro-albert-quartett-part-2
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