JazzrockTV #73 Warwick Bass Camp 2013 (Leland Sklar, Antonella Mazza)
http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-73-warwick-bass-camp-2013-leland-sklar-antonella-mazza We visited the Warwick Basscamp 2013 and joined an amazing event and met great bass players. In this episode we present an overview about the Basscamp 2013 and interviews with the Warwick staff (H.P. Wilfer, Ove Bosch and Nina Hoschkara), Leland Sklar and Antonella Mazza. See some impressions from the Warwick Basscamp 2013 including the Open-Day, Showroom Impressions, Show cuts with the Professors (incl. Leland Sklar, Steve Bailey, Victor Wooten, John Patitucci, Jonas Hellborg, Stuart Hamm and Alphonso Johnson). http://www.jazzrocktv.de/jazzrocktv-73-warwick-bass-camp-2013-leland-sklar-antonella-mazza
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