Julia Westlin - All of me (John Legend cover Acapella)
Hii my sweet soldiers ! I started this cover some weeks ago but i was never satisfied with the results so i never finnished it.. i feel so trapped inside to do something when i feel the need of follow the 'rules'. I loose the feeling and then i don't enjoy it anymore. I need to do it my own style, Juju-style ! :) So finally i took back this project and re-did everything with no expectations, no lines to follow, only having fun. It became an Acapella version, with my own twists ofc ! I hope you will enjoy this cover from me, because i really really enjoyed doing it :) ! Now this tired woman will go to bed, i been working with the video-edit for over 7 hours nonstop. The Video project is big and i can not see it in real-time while working because it get so slow, it is like extremely slow pictures appearing here and there. So It takes a lot of patience and time, patience.. and Patience ! haha well.. i have a crazy big patience for this so it's okey :) I am pre-rendering (loading) the video-file but it is loading slow so i will be a good girl and go to bed and continue on tomorrow instead. Woo I write you a big novel here ! I wish you a wonderful day, or a sweet sleep ! Thank you for supporting me, i feel really blessed to have you. Thank you. Big hug guys ! ♥ See ya tomorrow ;)
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