This month has been hectic! Got a lot of stuff going on at the day job, a bunch of freelance projects, birthday hijinks, and of course my wedding in September. But I love carving out time for blog posts both serious and silly. This month: * HK-TK: A New Beginning * Respond to Your Email * Another’s Accolades Aren’t Your Competition * Fate*World * You Don’t Have to Remember Every Aspect * Image: Internet Hero! * #36GamingMoments * The Limitations of the Bronze Rule * Success at a Cost with Defending in Fate There are a couple past ones that have come up lately in personal conversations that you folks might enjoy reading, if you haven't already: * How I Do Murderous Ghosts Multiplayer * Success at a Cost with Attacks in Fate And I have an upcoming episode of Master Plan live: I'm also looking at what my next Fateful Concepts release will hold. I’m not sure if I'll get it done and off to my editor before Gen Con, but we'll see! What I spent the Patreon money on last month: If you follow me, you know that my birthday is important because it’s another year I wasn't expecting to be alive. So I spent more than I should have on my birthday. Also, coffee. Sweet, sweet caffeine to fuel long nights. Thank you all again! - Ryan
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