Kicking Off Album #5!
This past weekend I tried to keep up on all the good news coming out of SDCC, but I'm sure I didn't catch it all due to the fact on Friday we kicked off the first sessions for our fifth full-length album! I can't believe we're at album #5 and in three days we cranked out 4 jams that I (though I may be biased) feel are some of our best yet. With all of our albums in the past, we've recorded everything in a few weeks all at once and this time we're taking our time to make sure this will be the best KK album yet. A big part of the influx of new energy is the welcoming of our new drummer, Jeff Gall. He's the guy who likes sweet potato chips, and you might recognize him as the fill-in drummer we had last year for the "Sounds Like You" 2013 summer tour, and we got on so well that he was our first call when we had a slot to fill. Lucky for us, he's down with the nerd-rock! We'll be heading to Orlando Nerd Fest for the ULTIMATE collection of nerd-rock and nerd-core artists ever assembled under one roof and he'll be making his official debut down there with us. Can't wait and hope to see some of you there!
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