Lesson - 5 Tips for Drumming in Odd Time
Both tunes on the show this month ended up having tons of odd time, so I figure we should stop and think about how to grapple with time signatures before we move on. Progressive rock always intimidated me until I got to college, where I met my two main Yoda's: Mike Mangini (Dream Theater, Steve Vai) and Rod Morgenstein (Dixie Dregs, Jordan Rudess). Being around those guys all the time helped put me at ease about the actual simplicity of this genre: you have to install a more exact clock in your brain to navigate this stuff, but once you're thinking on that more precise level, it makes your time better across the board, no matter what genre you're playing. So these are the takeaways I realized from studying the odd time phenomenon. I think you'll feel much more confident tackling this stuff once you get these 5 simple ideas.
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