LIA Cast 100 - Starting, Clarifying, Expressing, and Serving
Talking about finding the path through your project on the 100th Lean Into Art Cast! In the past 99 episodes we've spent a lot of time talking about the complex problem-solving that comes with being a visual storyteller. White boarding, mind mapping, scripting, sketching, pacing around the room quietly--there are a zillion ways to begin building an idea into a thing. We've also talked a lot about the role of being intentional in the making of your art: watching for things that move you and integrating them thoughtfully into your work. Then there's answering the question of whether your art is an act of expression, or service, or both? For our 100th episode we reflect on the topics we've covered over the years and explore how Starting a Thing leads to Clarification of Intention, and how Making a Thing with Intention leads to Discovering its Expression and/or Service. We also review the latest round of Quests: Show notes here:
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