Livestreams? :o
So, I've put a lot of thought into what to replace the Q&A videos with... who here likes the idea of having access to monthly DOS-gaming livestreams for the $4+ reward tier? :B I originally decided against doing livestreams because I have no idea where to start with in terms of software and everything, plus my completely wacky sleeping patterns would make it hard to do them on a regular basis, though if I'm only doing them once a month, and so long as everyone's OK with the day and time changing every month, then I can probably pull it off consistently enough. I also only have 0.65 MB of upstream bandwidth so the audio/video quality wouldn't be spectacular, but should still be tolerable at least. ^_^; The purpose of the livestreams would not just be to play some of these old DOS games live for you all to enjoy, but to play them the way YOU want me to, at least, whenever possible. For instance, with fighting games you guys would help choose who I'd play as, for shooting games you guys could tell me which weapons to use, for racing games you guys would choose my car, and for games that let you choose how you progress in some way, you guys would choose how I progress. :B If this goes forward, the first livestreamed game will either be Stunts, One Must Fall 2097, Doom or Tank Wars, so be sure to not only state if you'd like to see this happen, but also recommend a first game to stream! :D
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