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Living in the Dark
Dear you beautiful people here's the first official Patron supported Patreon song 'Living in the Dark' (!). Fittingly, I wrote it about things that I'm afraid of, and things that I'm afraid I'm not. Darkness creeps in and gets in the way and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy I guess... you become what you think you are. So this song is about not allowing the darkness to take over, and being free to be your true self. Featuring my touring buddy Benjamin James Caldwell on BV's and Banjo... I love it! I hope you do too Loads of love, and thanks for being here with me for the first song! xoSam PS this is the first Patron supported content I've posted on here... i hope it works! Please let me know if something seems to not be working, or if you don't get everything listed in your pledge reward *photo by Chani Crow

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