Maleficent Religious Condescension: Addicted to Distrust I
Wonder, Fifty derelict pariah thousand days in a constant recession struggle against death of your life, An upside chess down invisible opponent match, Addicted to every contagion of truth that lies in evaporating scripture's abundant substances, But never once lifting a willing finger to wash a dish, In unison beside your under threat of verse controlled silence love. Having forgotten to acknowledge the difference between knowledge in the court of truth and the daily utilization of conviction, Endorsed by the very same tribunal of eternity's double trust helix from genesis terraform shape embed truth, Defiled in external luck surprise identity encounters, Attack rarely capable ignored serum of compelling action(s) in the golden heaven seeking generations of apathetically inner imaginative eye willingly sedated conscience blind men... Just creeping pacifist sickness waiting to wondrously perish in disgraceful order to inherit the mansions filled with mirrors in forever, For the condemnation of self is all you'll find within the affliction walls of atonement never lived on sandcastle earth and Grace always threatened never to cover the benign avarice broken atrophy unto love heart. This is why countless pathetic scribed psalms writhe with the contagion of choosing action, Disclaimers of belief without raising a single digit (un)holy finger save to persecute via ion vernacular dissonance vocal discord, Proclaiming your out of love tradition verse memorized context disagreement and ignorant joy disapproval, Selfishly compelled to condemn and deny another's hope due to translation of creed. Even a mediocre Shakespeare could decipher thralls us heathens have woven in the paranoid dark murmurs of disavowed ruminations, Congealing spider's abandoned silken prayers that never lead a husband to help his husband due love's part with the dishes... Each and every night. In lieu of our participation in, Religion Endorsed Misogyny In earnest anticipation of, Being the change you want to see...
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