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[Maps for Heroes] Carl's Fort
This map is another in the series for Maps for Heroes, my Wounded Warrior Project charity drive. If you would like to donate to the cause, please click one of the links and join the campaign! Every dollar I receive from patrons for the month of July will be turned over to the WWP. If you would like to support this project you back through the patreon page ( )or donate directly to the WWP at my WWP campaign page ( ). Together we can make a difference in the lives of heroes that have help secure our safety. Thank you to all the veterans out there! Down to our next to last map for the campaign. This map is from an amazing cartographer and writer of adventurers, his latest adventure from Stormlord Publishing_The Well of Souls_ is a great introduction to Dungeon Crawl Classics. +Carl Bussler provides us with a great map of a small fort that would work for a short layover for a banged up group of adventurers or maybe a haunted stop along a dark and desolate road.
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