March Update! PODCASTS this weekend! And I'm heading to MELBOURNE!
What's happening today? * I'm sending in an article for a Philosophy magazine (on a topic unrelated to skepticism, but it should be fun); * I'm heading into RTRFM to be interviewed (instead of the other way around!) on the topic of language and denialism; * I'm waiting on a physical copy of an article I wrote for the Free Inquiry magazine (it should be online too, I'm not sure... don't quote me on this!); * I'm writing up a workshop on teaching and Twitter! And most importantly - I finally have all my "ducks in a row" for some devoted podcasting time. Phew. For all those patient Patreons, I'll be releasing TWO episodes this weekend (which will constitute the end of January/beginning of February episodes) and then one more on Monday - which finishes off the goal I set for myself of "two shows a month" soon after. Every show ends up on iTunes for everyone, but (as usual) there's extra stuff that's just for Patreons, if you're already a subscriber. That makes it a total of three shows out this weekend - which means I'll be up-to-date for making shows in the month of March! And it's only the 14th today, so that's not TOO bad, I hope. I'd also really appreciate it if you can *spread the word about the show* as it's going to be my priority for the next few months! Now that I'm regularly contributing interviews and pieces to two different radio stations (as a volunteer, by the way - all of this is in my "free time" to gain more work experience) - it seems obvious to me that I should be drawing more on the opportunities I'm getting to improve the podcast. Later this month (around the 20th) I'll be in MELBOURNE! I'll be attending a meetings involving atheism, but I'll still be doing my usual running around and talking to people (friends are definitely on my list, but if I can talk to people for interviews, that's always a bonus), so keep an eye on the Token Skeptic blog over on the Patheos site (which is I missed catching up with people when I was briefly in Brisbane for the Australian Science Communicators Conference 2014 - I spent the ENTIRE time working and only went out once for food and nearly fell asleep in a cupcake store - I really should take advantage of my travelling-for-work opportunities rather than regret doing all-work-no-play later. Other than that? Any suggestions for topics, interviews, investigations are always welcomed. Zip a comment on the Patreon page (like this one here!) and let me know! Oh, you might also like to check out the show I help produce and do a 10-15 minute science segment on every week! That's for Twin Cities 89.7FM here in Perth - it's over at Thanks again everyone for your support, let other people know about the Urban Legendary show - and let me know if you want to catch up in Melbourne! Kylie S. NEARLY FORGOT - did I mention that I'm doing graphic art classes in my spare time? Here's an example of a logo design I did for the Movers and Shakers Radio show (which devotes an hour every week from now on to local high schoolers being on the air - just before my science segment!). It's rather hipster, but I think when you're just starting out, the basics are what you end up doing.
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