Medusa and the Hair
Yesterday I posted a 3 strip story from the Season 2 book featuring Medusa at the game store. I wanted to give you all an example of what the bonus content for the new book would look like. Today's post is a 3 strip story from the Season 1 book, featuring Medusa's hair. The new Season 3 book will contain a bonus story like these for every extra $1000 the Kickstarter generates. We've already hit the first stretch goal, another story about Medusa's Hair. We're less than $800 away from a new story featuring Charles! You can check out the Kickstarter page here: Oh, people who own the Season 1 book sometimes ask about this story. They want to know why the snakes don't turn Marah to stone when they bite her. There's absolutely no good reason for this except that I forgot, which is embarrassing since I drew these strips during the same week that I did the sequence in Season 2 where the purple mermaid gets turned to stone!

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