Mid-Month Update - Issue 2
Hey folks! Plans for Issue 2 proceed! We've already wrapped up one of the pieces--a new skill from Ryan Macklin--and we're hot on the heels of a Systems piece from Phil Lewis on Infiltration and an Essay from Quinn Murphy on Gameable Culture. I'm super excited about all of these pieces. I can easily see all of them getting lifted (with proper CC atribution!) and used in Fate projects in the future. Awesome stuff. Of course, I'm also working on the next Quick Start Adventure: Dark Star. In Dark Star, you'll play veteran pilots of a faceless star-faring empire, stationed at the edge of the galaxy. It's a bit like Battlestar Galactica meets TIE Fighter meets Catch-22! The Quick Start Adventure will feature new setting, issues, and some rules for quick and dirty spaceship combat. On that note, I did an exhibition game of last month's Quick Start, Silicon City, via Google Hangout. Please give it a watch--it's a quick 2.5 hours--and let me know if you have any questions or comments about The Fate Codex so far! And again... THANK YOU. It's so cool to be get all these pieces cooking knowing that you all are ready and waiting for them!
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