Hey! Thanks to the generosity of you very kind people, I've hit the 50 dollar mark. And, yes, it feels weird to say that, like I should be ashamed of taking coins from strangers for the rambling, odd mish-mash stories I post on the interwebs. I guess.... I guess I have to get over that, and accept your generosity in the spirit in which it was offered. I certainly never thought less of anyone for reading my stuff for free, so I shouldn't think less of myself for accepting your gifts if they can help me do more of what I love. Thank you, everyone. I'll work hard to be worthy of your trust in me. One other thing--There's currently a largish hubub happening on Twisting the Hellmouth, over this whole thing. Apparently I'm the first writer there to venture into this territory, and as a result I'm the designated target for those who wish to throw stones. And believe me, there are a lot of stones flying. I'm not entirely sure what will happen; I doubt my account will be deleted or anything, but it could happen. I'm waiting now for some decision from the site moderators. Whatever happens, these stories will be available for you somewhere, though I'd hate to lose access to TtH, as I dearly love their layout and features. I'll let you know when I find out where things are headed. Alan aka DreamSmith
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