Monthly Matt Letter (not sure about da title yet)
I'm in the new house. A bunch of my gear is still packed, but I'm slowly getting it all back together. For now I have just setup in a corner of the basement, while the studio is under construction. My internet is very spotty right now, but that should be fixed by Monday. Once thats working I will be doing some pre-studio streams. The studio has me excited! I wanted to start with that because this next part sucks, but I am still very jazzed. It seems like the studio is gonna be a bit of a bitch. The electrical problem in the building is not going to be an easy fix. Quite the oppisite. The line is buried... under the deck. I cant wait to crawl under there and dig that out. Worse, if I don't find the issue outside, then its inside my house and I'll have to put holes in the walls of the house. I'm consulting some electrician friends in hopes they have some pro strats on issues like this. Like I said, I'm still very jazzed tho. The studio is being built, it's just going to take a bit longer. Because of the small buget I will be doing a lot of the work myself, but I also have a few friends I whose skills I can exploit for beer. I don't really have an estimate on when it will be done, it all depends on the power issue, but it will be built sometime. Thanks again for your support. I'm really excited to get back in gear and make stuff do. Cheers, Matt