Moonstone Beach
Use it as wallpaper for your phone! Or your tablet. Or whatever. :) I took this photo at sunset, during an anniversary road trip on May 15th. This is what I've been personally using for my own iPhone screen ever since. Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California is where I got the idea for my first painting~ 10 years (to the day) earlier! So, in a way, it was kind of momentous. I became a painter right there on this beach. I'm glad I made the effort to be there this year. Life should be full of adventure! The sand up close is made from millions of gorgeous, water worn stones. It is a rainbow of geology. I hope you use it and enjoy it like I do! I stare at it every now and then and decide which is my favorite piece. I'm thinking one of the jade/teal ones. ♥
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