Moved by a Wheel
Found a song today, There lyrics were... From the original Track by SOHN: The Wheel But if I... Had my way. They might end up Being: Ps. The following looks better centred on my on blog... >.< I died a week ago There's nothing left It's caught on video The very last breath My very last breath The memory ache continues Beyond your very last breath So exist against the deficit Expound the moral lullaby A deluge against regret Until the very last... One breath... At a time Until the last... Breath All this fuss over nothing Reinventing yourself in fire infused sand The first light invention flash bulb: wheel All this searching for something that's seemingly... But fantastically real All this fuss over everything Reinventing the domestically abused wheel All this searching for something that's not real. The approximate intentions of reality… Fill conviction with purpose… But it isn’t… So says the media wounded intel She died a week ago A linear seven unapologetic day cycle There's nothing but memory ache shrapnel embed tears left A red siren light deviant illuminated chalk sexual outline caught on video The domestic caste masculine immoral bushido system hid the evidence Of the violent intent finger army cob epidermis web cocoon siege Covert tension confidence disguise hiding sexual aggression A carnal intoxicated bargain of compliance Gambling with the disguise of wolves A one (k)night phantom or hero Lead her to her last breath... Her very last breath In time a dementia avalanche Will cave in all memory land nightmare mines Covering the shrapnel of evidence Caught on dreamscape relapse Gallery of videos beyond detail Every night's wishful thinking To be the last time The very last time... She remembered (His curse) All this fuss over seemingly nothing Reinventing the misogynistic nurtured cogs of the wheel All the searching for something that's not possibly real All this fuss over theological unproven theories Reinventing the moral wheel All this searching for something that's not real The trenches of nature... Something not even real Not even real I died a week ago They say there's nothing left Nothing but intentional drama left As if I left by blade to skin f(r)iendship I swear it wasn't bullet suicide It's not as the deviant says… So there's nothing left It wasn't caught on video My chalk modifying last breath Mere memory outline My very last breath So continues... The memory ache Unreported global rape All moral trenches reveal Chivalry is a mask of misogyny Lying silent in beautiful insecurities That no man will ever again... Set foot in them And so I died Unrecorded Was my last breath
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