Moving from "Completed work" to monthly sponsorship model
Hello lovely patrons, It's been so cool to be on this journey with you all, thank you again for being here with me. During these first couple months on patreon, one thing I've learned is that the "completed work" model I originally designed is a bit confusing for people, and won't grow with me as I take on bigger projects that require more time and resources. So, as of now, I am switching to a monthly sponsorship model. I will be posting like I have been, however, I will be adding only one "PATREON SUPPORTED" paid post toward the end of each month summarizing the details regarding the work and prep I've accomplished. In my conversations with my patrons and supporters and in my own experience attempting to keep track of all the work I am producing, I think this is the much better way to go. If you're a current patron and want to continue to support to the extent that you have been, please take a minute to update your pledge settings to reflect the total you'd like to pledge a month. If you're new to this or have been watching for a while but were unsure about the 'completed work' model and not knowing exactly how much you might be charged: FIXED! And if you're not a patron for whatever reason, thank you for enjoying and believing in my work. Take care of you, -nee
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