Musketeer Space Part 11: The Friand of Aramis, the Espresso of Athos, and the Convenient Boyfriend of Porthos.
“I’ve never broken into a spaceship before,” said Planchet excitedly. “At least, not a spaceship that belonged to someone who might turn up at any moment and shoot us.” “Oh ye of little faith,” said Porthos over the comm. “I’ve have you know that Edwin and I…” “Edmund,” corrected the helpful and convenient boyfriend of Porthos, who worked for station security and was letting her take a few liberties with the cam feeds. “Ed and I are on the job,” said Porthos smoothly. “And I can tell you right now that the glamorous villain in the pink flight suit is currently drinking mocha shots on the Stellar Concourse. Her engie, meanwhile, is taking in some adult entertainment at the Ishtar Club. Oh, and the security cams on E Dock are all mysteriously glitching, and will continue to do so for the next hour or so.” “No idea why,” said the deadpan voice of Ed. Planchet consulted her clamshell tablet, checking the manual specs one more time. “Keep watch, Cap,” she said cheerfully. “I’m going in.”
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