My Patreon stream is live!
It's day one and I've already added a ton of new creations to get the party started: - A 40-minute, Patreon-Exclusive interview with Comic Book Girl 19. - A never before seen, 22-page summary and outline for a comic book pitch I’ve been developing since 2013, as well as a concept drawing - A DRM-free copy of the third and final chapter in the Vs. Reality Series – LEGACY. This 50,000 word novel is currently unreleased, and not available to the general public. Get it digitally, right now, before it goes on sale at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Coming up later in July: A One-Hour Seminar with Marvel, DC and Dark Horse comics artist Mark McKenna – he's a veteran of over 500 books, and an Inkwell Award Winner. I’ll be chatting with him at 1:00pm EST on July 24th, and the video will be posted later that day. What do you want to know about: - breaking into comics? - working at Marvel or DC? - how self-publishing works? The top 10 FAQs will be answered! Submit all of your questions now. And throughout July I will be adding Patreon-exclusive articles about self-publishing and all sorts of other cool stuff. Stay tuned!
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