Hey sports fans, Just a heads up about my plans for the rest of this month's work. The first piece took longer to write and post than expected. There were interviews and a lot of topics to cover and what was supposed to be a 2500 word piece became 6000 words and multiple, consecutive days of 8hr writing. It was suggested to me by some of you that I break the piece up into two articles so I could get adequately paid for my time. I didn't, because I wanted to deliver on what I promised as I promised it. So with that in mind I'm going to lay out what the rest of my output for this month will be: ==Mad Coin, Living Large In The Valley of The Shadow of Death== is an essay about Musee Meccanique, the decline of public amusement, and a darker side to nostalgia. It will include photos by me and a watercolor piece by Bay Area mural artist Dan Fontes. Will come out this week. ==The Mothra We Share== a zine about Mothra. It'll be released under the Kissing Covens banner, but since I didn't use any KC resources to make or produce it we've decided it's okay for me to post it so I can be paid for my time. Will feature a cover by O. Horvath. Will come out next week. ==A Pinball Machine Review== I'm going to start "reviewing" machines, sort of like I did with my "5 Machines" piece for Persephone. I will post more about this. Should go up by the end of the month if not sooner.
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