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My Sparrow
so amidst the anxiety and the would-be hoopla, while watching the Kickstarter numbers come in over the past few days, I spent the best part of my time in the studio, with my good friends Jordan Lawhead and Adam Smith. we wrote a pair of songs this week, both destined for the new album. this one, was weird. we kind of wrote it, sang it and recorded it all within about 15 minutes. (I mean, what do you do about that kind of s**t?) this video was the first time I ever performed it solo, start to finish. no kidding. I wanted to record it for my daughter Sparrow, from whom the song drew it's initial inspiration, and after watching, I thought you guys might appreciate this, seeing as how you all have been so inextricably linked to my efforts these past several hours, for which I will never be able to adequately thank you. you guys are the great stuff. the stuff that helps you realize who you are and just what truly matters in this life. thanks for letting me share and as always, thank you for being so receptive. -TL
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