Nashville Numbers Part Deux
I know. These have been the two hardest weeks of your life. You've got the knowledge of how the Nashville Number System works and you just want to see it come to life with a full song. The wait is over. Pop some popcorn. Call your Mom. The jam is finally here. There's not particular significance to choosing Rascal Flatts' "Rewind" other than that it was the first song to play through the radio when I fired it up this morning. The significance, then, is that it's totally random - just like whatever you're going to have to chart when you bust these moves out for yourself. Despite the randomness, I think it's great that they've got plenty of split bars, pushes, diamonds, stops, and dropouts to apply in just this one tune, but they don't go too crazy with chords and other musical things we drummers tend not to care about. So rock it out! The chart's attached. See how you do on the first play through. Let me know how it goes! Unless you play it better than me. I don't need to hear that. 'Till then!
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