New Faith Story!
Hey there. Okay, I AM working on the Darth Taleene story, but when I get jammed up on that I've been trying a thing where I switch to something else for a while, on the assumption that writing something is light years better than writing nothing (while banging my head against the Aurora's armored hull... which you'll recall is a full 20 meters thick, so--ouch). The first bit of a Faith story came out of that; not an action-packed one this time around, more of a slow stroll through her head as she hangs out, does evil things, helps the Mayor do evil things, that kind of stuff. Because this chapter is short, I didn't list it as a Patron-supported item; I'll only do that every second or third time with shorter things like this (and remember, you can always log into Patreon and opt not to throw coins at me for a story you don't like). Okay, that's all for now. Let me know if you like this one and want to see more, or would rather have something else. Alan aka DreamSmith
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