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New Issue: Open Source
Thanks so much for being a supporter of Model View Culture!! Our new issue on Open Source is out now! We didn't exactly plan it, but it came out the same week as OSCON (one of the biggest open source conferences)! This issue is full of tons of new content, critique, stories and analysis, including: * How the technical "talent shortage" is manufactured to maintain the status quo * Leaving toxic open source communities and how to find healthier ones * A critique of open companies * How the diversity in tech movement is causing an open source identity crisis * Coverage of a new open source funding platform by and for marginalized people * A look at the connection between tech feminism and video games * A thoughtful look back at the Eich crisis at Mozilla And more!! Please share this issue with your networks!! Thank you for making it possible for us to produce so much free online content. We're currently working hard on our next issue, which will be about mental illness and disability. We actually got more submissions to write for that issue than any other issue we've ever done. Watch out for that issue in three weeks, and thank you again so much for your support. <3 Model View Culture
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