New Milestone: San Francisco!
Very big news! I'm going to San Francisco to meet some Very Important People :) and to deliver a Very Important Painting! It's a VIP extravaganza! And I need your help to get me there! I am personally delivering this painting by driving it up myself from Los Angeles to San Francisco. And guess what - I'm going to film the entire adventure! ROAD TRIP! Not only will this give me a ton of new videos to share with you, but I'll finally be able to explain my vision for Patreon in my new Patreon Intro Video. Are you ready for some art and travel?? I'd love to reach $300 in Patreon subscriptions before my journey begins - very soon! I need to be in San Francisco by July 28th. Yikes! Not much time!! Will you help me? Bonus! Everyone who signs up gets a free gift! Everyone! That means whatever tier you subscribe to, I'll send you something awesome. I was going to say it's a 5x7 print - but heck, maybe I shouldn't limit myself. I want to celebrate with you! And if you're already a Patron, you're already included. ♥ But! It would mean so much if you could help me achieve this Milestone! Encourage anyone you think might like to help! RT and post my information on your social media of choice, and I will seal your special gift with a kiss. You really are the greatest. :) Can we do this? Are you in?? Will you help me get to San Francisco to deliver this painting and meet my Patreon family? This is definitely a big deal. ;)
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