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New Site: The Chef Chronicles
To those who used to follow me on Livejournal, you may remember a silly, fun activity I used to do called Cooking Adventures, yes? WELL. If you've missed my ridiculousness, I've turned it up a notch because I now have my ever-enthusiastic partner Aiken helping me out. We've revived and relaunched… THE CHEF CHRONICLES!!! Our first new adventure happens to be… dun dun dun… CARBONARA!!! Watch with awe and wonder as we figure out how to cook this Flying Spaghetti Monstrosity. I'm also going to be moving all my old cooking adventures (from 2008, GOODNESS GRACIOUS) to this new site as soon as I can, so hang tight! New visitors will be able to gaze in wonder at my awkward, silly sophomore self taking photos with one hand while trying to mix and measure ingredients with the other. For previous readers, boy it'll be a ride in the nostalgia machine, won't it? Tips would definitely help us with this as we have to spend a fair bit for ingredients and it takes a lot of time to weed out, edit, and think of the captions for each post… not to mention giving time to actually cook stuff. Woop woop! We hope you enjoy our new entertainment blog, and share it with your friends for a good dose of fun! <3
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