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New song up - inspired by Joanne M Harris
Joanne Harris came to Mr Bs Emporium of Reading Delights with her new book, The Gospel Of Loki, and we wrote a song inspired by it, as we do. What really got us was that despite being the ultimate 'upsetter-of-plans' and pretty unlikeable character at times, you always seemed to route for Loki in the end. Ben heard Joanne talking about Loki on the radio, about how Loki was the thorn in the side of determinism. With Loki around, nothing would ever quite go to plan. We really liked that idea. Loki, the anti-determinist, harbinger of chaos, bringer of free will. And so came the song... hope you like it. PS: we filmed the song on our recent tour in Scotland, at a wonderful bookshop called The Bookshop, in Wigtown, the Scottish booktown. It's a very lovely place, very nice people and we cant wait to go back - they have a festival every year called the Wigtown Book Fest - we cant go this year because Ben and Beth are getting married, but we'll definitely try to go next year.
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