Nutrition Monitor for Elderly
Hi everyone! MAKE was running a "Connected Home" Internet of Things contest. I came up with this project: Nutrition Monitor for the Elderly. The main idea is that with the nutrition monitor, a problem can be addressed in a few days, rather than many months. View the video for more details about the project! We won the contest on MAKE! It is just the start. There are many improvements and modifications to be made. --- Here are the links to the documentation for the project: Instructables: NutriModule Library: Arduino code: Processing application: View the LIVE dashboard at: --- As a heads up, I will be posting this video as paid content as soon as I organize all of the links and create a blog post summarizing the project and the next steps. It will help go towards more material, I want to experiment with some ITO coated glass. --- Thank you for being a patron of my robots! (and projects!)
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