One Million Projects
Hey there, patrons and friends. I feel like I've always got a million projects on the go, and so am going to once-monthly post here with links to the stuff I'm working on (whether I publish a patreon release that month or not). I've taken on a short-term day job, which I'm really excited about. I'm helping coordinate the Kickstarter for The Switch (a magic-realist transgender sitcom). You can check out the Kickstarter ( I'm also curating/writing a tumblr blog that I'm pretty proud of, at I'm continuing to curate Imaginary Funerals ( A few weeks ago we announced the English-language winner of Game Chef (, and we'll be announcing the all-languages World Champion on June 30. I'm working on a more long-term project called Vulture City. It's a tactical card game about post-apoc gangs rumbling in a punk rawwk future. There's no page for it yet, but here's a little teaser image: Finally, I'm working on a Patreon release which I'm going to (hopefully) have finished by month's end. It's a body horror game called Abnormal. An earlier version of the game saw limited release at Origins last year. This is a new edition, with amazing art by Soren Meville ( and tweaked rules. The PDF will be made free online. Soon! Soon! I've attached a preview image of the card-back.
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