One year tomorrow
One year ago tomorrow, my stepfather died. We didn't know it though. My sister called and talked to him, and then the next day--no answer. Sometimes he'd be asleep, so that wasn't worrisome. She didn't know I'd tried to call and left a message as well and didn't reach him. Three days later, Debbie called me, worried. I called our Aunt Rose and she went over to the house and saw a body on the floor. She called the police and the police called me. He'd decomposed some. They asked if I knew why he would've died--I said "A broken heart". The police didn't question it--the officer simply said, "He had someone close die within a year, huh?" He understood. I suspect it's not uncommon. It got me thinking--the first time Julie ever came to visit after we started dating, Julie was nervous of the reaction she'd get from Mom or Pete, scared they'd be aloof--my visit to her parents won't go down in history as a good time.... When she arrived and came to the door, Mom opened the door and hugged her. She took two more steps in and Pete did the same. It caught Julie by surprise. Later she admitted that to them. My mom told her, "Hey, I know you're special--you're the first person Jim's asked to visit and meet us." She was right. Julie was special. For 21 years, Mom treated her like a daughter. For 23 years, Pete treated her like a daughter. You can't ask for more than that. And they were right--Julie's actually more awesome now than she was in that summer of 1990.
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