Patreon News for July: Part 2
Yes I've been working on 3D for the past week. Learning as much as I can so I can eventually make it my go-to creative media. You can see a preview of what I have so far above. Depending on how seriously I'm taking this 3D route, I may open another tier or switch the hangouts tier to 3D OC Pool (seems to be the least popular). Current list of future posts: 1) Speed Bumps (guest, animated) 2) Blue Coins (solo, non-animated) 3) Invisible (solo, non-animated(may change)) 4) Trap Cards (Not planned) Speed bumps will be GIF Bundle #2 (3/4), so if I don't make another animated post by next week there won't be a payment this month. Update on Frigid News, I may be animating it in 3D depending on how seriously I take this 3D business. I'm working on a storyboard currently that I wannnttt to have done by BronyCon. I'll be working mostly on this project in August, so along with GIF Bundle #2 and the finished version of Frigid News. Hopefully I can finish GIF Bundle #2 by the end of July though!

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