Patreon updates! New guest artists as-of-yet unannounced!
Hello swanky patrons! Sorry for the delay in posting new content! I've been travelling (and I actually got to meet some of you at cons!) and am only just getting back in the saddle, so I wanted to share some pretty exciting news with you! Basically, I'm in the midst of confirming some pretty amazing guest artists for the Kickstarter and GUESS WHO IS DOWN! Rob Denbleyker, Cyanide and Happiness Randal Milholland, Something Positive Lar deSouza, Looking for Group, Least I Could Do And more in the works/almost confirmed! These names haven't been announced and I'm still hammering out final details with some, so please don't share this out, but I am SO STOKED to have these artists on board! More soon! Peter
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