Patrons, I need your voices!
I'm making another video, this time I need your guys voices, record yourself saying things like "Do a blind let's play" or "BLIND WALKTHROUGH" or any take on that line, get creative. OR/AND do another line saying "YOU MISSED AN ITEM" or "YOU WENT THE WRONG WAY YOU SUCK" be as abusive as you'd like. Get yourself in the next episode of The Indeimaus Show, be sure to give me your channel/twitter so I can pimp you in the description as well. Send them to [email protected] with the name "VOICE ACTING" and have a decent microphone, I wont be able to use it if you're all fuzzy! Swearing is fine and take your time, I don't need them any time soon, but preferably in the next week :) Thanks!
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