Performance - "Overture 1928" by Dream Theater
I mean, if we're going to make a drumming channel, we may as well go ahead and get some Dream Theater style shredding in. Mike Portnoy, the drummer on this record, essentially founded the modern day progressive rock drumming style of playing licks stroke-for-stroke with the complex melodic parts of his bandmates. He plays with such note-for-note synergy on this overture that you'd recognize the tune even without any other instruments playing. There are so many time signature and key changes in this tune that it's not worth keeping track of. The wiser approach here is internalizing the melodies and learning to follow them- once you've got those in your ear, you're really only counting the transitions. If you dig the tune, take a look at the entire "Scenes from a Memory" album. This Overture is really just a snippet of each song on the album, so there's way more of this stuff to chew on if you're still hungry.
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