Performance - "Rapunzel" by Dave Matthews Band
Had to start this thing off with some Carter Beauford drumming. He's the master. Rapunzel is a rather overlooked magnum opus of the Dave Matthews Band catalog, I think mainly because it's such a long song, it never went to radio, and the time signatures get way out there. And that's exactly why it's such fertile ground for genius drumming. The main opening riff is in 5/4- a 4/4 feel with an added beat of groove. The verse is in 4/4, tons of wide open space. The choruses, which don't come around until way later in the song, are 6/8. The outro jam with sax solo is an all out 4/4. The performance here is a bit of a hybrid between the studio version and the extra chops he adds live. Check "Live at Wrigley Field" for an idea of the utter shredding Carter does on this song live.
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