Perhaps the weakest part of FFIII
As much as I make fun of this part of the game for being significantly weakened by the remake, some of the problem here is that this just wasn't handled very well. It's a fascinating concept to keep you locked inside of a single kingdom that's big enough to make up a whole region of the game, but... Well, the promise and the idea have a pretty wide gulf, let's leave it at that. I'm not mad about it, seeing as how the cascading amount of content in the game was already pushing the NES to its limit, and adding a whole new region to the game for the remake would have really been something else entirely. It winds up feeling like a kind of incidental aside more than anything else that already happens, like this whole sequence is just killing time until you can get to the part of the game that the game cares about. Ah, well. It's still fun to write about; I hope it's fun to read!
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