PIGSquad Patreon FAQ
All right, I've received some frequent-enough questions to dub some questions frequently asked questions, yeah? Here they are, accompanied by frequently given answers! Q: How many events will PIGSquad host every month/How much will I actually be paying? A: We may have any number of events, but Patreon backers will be charged for between 2 and 3 events every month. No more and no less! My careful estimate forecasts that registered Patrons will pay for 30 events every year, so multiply your pledge by 30 to find out how much you will support PIGSquad annually! You can also limit how much you give monthly or cancel at any time before the end of the month. Q: What can I do if I don't want to support per event? A: Giving monthly and annually both create something sustainable, and a one-time support also helps. If you're interested in supporting PIGSquad in an alternative way, please contact me at pigsquad at gmail dot com! Q: What about sponsorship? Can my support be recognized in your events and media? A: For sure! Monthly, annual, one-time, and other support can all serve as sponsorships to incorporate your site/logo/message into our posters, Twitter, shout-outs and hand-outs at events, and newsletter, and I'm willing to work together to determine anything else that might help. Your sponsorship can also go toward quite a few things, including a specific upcoming event, a community-wide project or piece of equipment, general programming and costs, or an event/project that we work together to create. Contact me at pigsquad at gmail dot com if you want to discuss details! Q: When do rewards come in? A: • Patreon-only updates will come throughout the month, • wallpapers will be delivered right away at the beginning of the next month, • papercraft will be available for pickup at the coming month's General Meeting or Art/Code Night, • digital art will be delivered by the 15th of the next month after getting requests from backers within the first week of that month, and • dinner can happen anytime ;D Q: When will we see the results of the Milestone Goals we reached? A: Definitely after I receive Patreon money at the end of each month so that I can pay for them. Other than that, it depends on the goal – getting New Event Supplies and building our Tabletop Prototyping Kits will probably happen within a month, where something like setting up New T-Shirts or building the Indie Arcade Cabinet will likely take longer. Also, if we meet multiple goals in one month, I may need to space them out due to time or funding. Hopefully this helps! If you have any other questions, please contact me directly at pigsquad at gmail dot com. Thanks for supporting and hope to see you soon!