Planting Love into the World
My sapling forest is sopping up all the Love that I pour into them. When they are put in the ground, they will be anchoring that love deep into the earth. They will be replenishing the ground and perpetuating great human love out through the whole rooting system to all life everywhere on the planet. All will benefit from the intention to propagate Joy, Love, Abundance, Freedom, Health and Wholeness in the world, for all. They will share with great trees everywhere (as they do communicate with each other) what it feels like to be sung to, nurtured as an individual and encouraged personally to grow. They will begin to heal from the neglect we have visited on them for so long. Subjugation and genocide take a long time to heal. But maybe they will begin to feel more comfortable sharing their wisdom in a louder voice. Maybe more can benefit from it than just the few of us so desperate for love that we are perched to listen. So many blessed awakening are ripe to emerge. It is wonderful how tired and disgruntled society is. They are finally wearing themselves out from their own selfish deeds. They are like the spoiled toddler that is so miserable that he drops for a nap as he eats his lunch. It will be good to get the trees in the ground. It's time for nurtured intentions to thrive.