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Pray for poetry. Cling to the pen Until fingers freeze And you cannot let it go. Fast from the world And do not drink. Sit in waterfalls of ink And sink. If you feel too light Like all it might Pass on through... Pray for poetry in you. Watch how Proverbs Build you up And rhythm flows To fill your cup. And when you pray, Asking for balladry, He gives symmetry, Letters, geometry. Don't avoid that void Which expands your heart, Or condense into danger All this art. But feel what's dire Pull apart, And smile The whole while through. Pray for poetry. From the green pasture And the black bed of death. Pray, for God's sake No line is fake, That letters Bear what's true. Late last night, He burned the sky With all my why's, 'Til auburn died, And faded back to black. It was good. And the fire I felt Was poetry.
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