Portrait Painting Timelapse 02
...And another timelapse portrait painting of mine, posted for public viewing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvTagzeUUMU And many more to come - especially for folks who sign up as Patrons to support my art! Don't get me wrong - I'll be posting pieces like this and illustration/animation work of mine that is free for everyone to enjoy (I hope you'll enjoy!). I'm just also mentioning that as a Patron, you get access beyond these public posts, to all sorts of other material I've begun posting - early sketches, other timelapse art creations and more. Patrons in the $10+ range even have a seat in my personal critique group (that includes any kids they might have, whose feedback is especially invaluable concerning my work on children's books). For offering feedback on my work, critique group Patrons receive official name credits on my website and anywhere else I can manage it. Just imagine that on your kid's resume!
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