Preparing for the first xenoglyph release!
I'm really excited for my first xenoglyph release! It's a short story called It's Hard to Find Someone. You can see it already over on the xenoglyph blog, but I've been working hard to get it into ePub and Mobi formats. I've got just one or two things left to do to make me happy, and then it'll land in your inbox! However, I've got only so many devices to check the file on, my Kobo Glow, my iPad, and an emulator on my computer. If there's something weird with the file that makes it hard to read, please send me a screenshot or photo so I can fix it! This is the format that I'll be pouring future text into, so I want to make it good. Thanks, Patrons! PS: I'll be at Arisia in Boston this weekend. If you see me there, please say hi! —Joshua
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