Here's the print poll! It works like the t-shirt poll, only for prints that I will sell both online and at future conventions (tbd). Here is a list of potential print ideas I have in mind. Please vote on your top two favorites in the comments section! I will tally the votes on May 1st. 1. Madoka Magica: Stages of Grief (Mami Tomoe) 2. Madoka Magica: Stages of Grief (choose one: Sayaka/Kyoko/Homura/Madoka) 3. Sailor Moon Pinups (Princess Serenity and Chibiusa) 4. Powerpuff Girls 5. ORIGINAL: Monster Girlfriends - fawn and unicorn centaur Works-in-progress of the top 2 prints will be posted to the Patron-only feed following the voting period! Please note that only pledged Patrons can vote! Thank you all so much! :)
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