Promulgate Mini Update
Hi Patronbots, Check out this video for a little mini project update! -> You can also see the RoboBrrd 3D printed version 3 chassis that I have been working on. But it doesn’t show the best parts of the design, so stay tuned for future updates about this :D --- The status of the gear artwork pieces for those who have filled out the survey, is that we are waiting for the laser cut pieces to arrive. The gears and stand have already been printed, the colour mix looks nifty! If you haven’t filled out your gear artwork survey yet, here is the link: -> --- That’s all for now. It’s 2:30AM u_u I was stuck on some bugs with the Xbees- confusing the RX & TX lines (classic error), and forgetting .listen() when using two SoftwareSerial objects. It’s going to be fun adding BLE in the mix with this. Sending data from RoboBrrd’s mesh network to yours, Erin RobotGRRRL
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