"Us Someday" [Full Band Version]
So I put together a little video to go along with the song. Hope you like. :) Maybe I'll get better at this and figure out how to make a lyric video! Lyrics~! Verse 1 My baby picked up a map and pointed to a line, And said "Let's take this out of town. Past the pavement, stoplights, city limit signs, To where the river widens out." Pre-Chorus 1 And all along the road were, picket fences, Hidden driveways and tin mailboxes, (with) Family names in front of white washed houses. And I say, Could that be us someday? Chorus Growing old, getting bold, Feelin whole and full of life. Little home of our own, Out in Austin or Telluride, And at the end of the day We lay down side by side, What do you say? Could that be us someday? Verse 2 The farther out we went the wider the world got, As we rounded every curve. From neighborhoods arranged on quarter acre lots, To miles and miles of open earth. Pre-Chorus 2 And all the pieces of a life that I'd hoped for, (Were) Rollin by us on the other side of the car door, The kind of happiness two people work their whole lives for, And I say, "Could that be us someday?" [Chorus] Bridge Well we're still young, And we've got love, And babe thats half the battle already won. So, [Chorus] Oooh, oooh, oh… 2x --- Facebook: facebook.com/heyitssarahspencer Twitter: twitter.com/heysarahspencer Instagram: instagram.com/sarahspencermusic Pinterest: pinterest.com/heysarahspencer SarahSpencer.com
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